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ETU Actual Play with the Roll20 Gang – 5/30/18

While the weird revenant got in one good strike at Ryu, the Juniors were able to overpower it. Ryu grabbed the Lantern of the Deep and immediately received a vision of two young people, Helen and Jason. Jason was trying to keep the Lantern from Helen, who was using powerful magic to retrieve it. Jason killed himself to keep the lantern from Helen. Helen also confessed to killing Nina, the ghost from the Raven’s Roost, although she claimed it was an accident. The heroes realized that these were some of the Protectors from the 1950s, and that GlenMac may not have had the straight story on the Lantern.

GlenMac asked to take the Lantern and have it un-cursed, but the team confronted him, suggesting they were more than capable of dealing with the Lantern. Eventually, GlenMac persuaded them by agreeing to return the Lantern as soon as it was de-cursed. He also offered to take the team out for beers at the local microbrewery, the Brazen Hussy.

Only CP, Troy, and Mariana drank a significant number of beers, and all three experienced hallucinations as a result, as did GlenMac and others in the bar. One young woman seemed to transform into a nosferatu, but none of the other effects were visible to anyone else. CP had the illusion of being attacked by a cockroach swarm, Mariana by a scarecrow, and Troy by a shadowy version of himself. The police arrived and suggested the brewery might need to shut down.

The owner, Jason, approached the group and described how his ex-wife had demanded $100,000 to “fix the problem” with his beer. He offered the Juniors $1000 each if they could make the problem go away, and gave them contact information for his ex, Jana.

After 24 hours, the hallucinations vanished, and the team headed out to Jana’s house. Mariana approached her and persuaded her to tell the team what was going on. She said that she had gone to a “witch” and asked her to curse Jason so the bar would fail, but she didn’t really think it would happen. She gave the team directions to the witch’s location, and denied any knowledge of the blackmail request.


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