Legion of Liberty Session 7

The heroes of the newly-dubbed “Legion of Liberty” reached Philadelphia without incident, and checked in with Sam Adams, who informed them that four delegations were not yet convinced of the need to declare independence: Pennsylvania, South Carolina, New York, and Delaware. Adams informed the team that he was aware that John Dickinson of Philadelphia was unwilling to move forward with independence without a firm foreign alliance and a plan for the new independent government. Adams was not clear on the issues with the other delegations.

The heroes used a healthy amount of John’s gold to obtain lodgings at a fine establishment near the congress, and, at dinner, overheard a conversation that led them to believe that John Dickinson was dining there as well. Godot engaged Dickinson in conversation, using his origins as a Frenchman to convince Dickinson that a French alliance against the British would be inevitable. With Dickinson and his friend Robert Morris changing their votes from “no” to “abstain”, Pennsylvania’s vote would change. Dickinson also suggested where they might find Robert Livingston of New York.

The following morning, the team located Livingston, who was all for independence, but did not have authorization from the New York State Provisional Congress to vote in favor. He said he was certain he could persuade the congress in person, but had no way to reach them and return in time. Francis volunteered to use his super speed to convey Livingston to and from New York City, and the two departed at once. Meanwhile, John caught the eye of a Carolina acquaintance, Edward Rutledge.  Rutledge also did not have permission to vote for independence, but some convincing arguments from Godot and John persuaded him to vote “yes” regardless, swinging the South Carolina delegation as well.

This left Delaware, which was split 1-1 on independence, but was also missing a delegate, Caesar Rodney. Rodney was in Dover, and Suzanna volunteered to travel there as a horse and fetch him back. With his return and the return of Livingston from New York, the 13 colonies voted unanimously for independence.

The heroes received orders to report to Charleston to assist in defending it against the British. There they reported to the quite unpleasant General Charles Lee, who viewed them as “more of Washington’s men” and set them to digging earthworks on Sullivan’s Island. While working, four colonial militia taunted and then attacked Godot with shovels, but between Godot and Suzanna (in dog form), they were quickly subdued. Now a force of 2200 British faces a fortified group of 435 colonials, plus the Legion…

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