Legion of Liberty Session 10

Having rescued George Washington from British captivity, the heroes now take on Washington’s assignment to capture the British crown prince William, who is posted as a midshipman aboard the HMS Prince George in New York Harbor. Washington’s agent Hercules Mulligan and his man Cato have determined that William often carouses in the Fraunces Tavern in New York, but is escorted by Royal Marines. The Legionnaires recruit some local “ladies of the evening” to attempt to entice William into an alley for an ambush, but William ends up inviting them in to the tavern instead. Godot and Francis follow the prince in, while Jacoby and Suzanna remain on watch.

Inside the tavern, Francis engages the prince in a game of poker, losing all of his funds in short order. The prince graciously buys Francis a drink to compensate him. After some time with the ladies on the upper floor, the Marines return, and the prince and his escort set out to return to the ship.

While Jacoby distracts the Marines with rebel rantings, Suzanna, in the shape of a cottonmouth, bites the prince, rendering him insensible. A small melee ensues as one marine tries to tend to the prince while the other attempts to secure Jacoby. Francis manages to stun the marine tending the prince while Suzanna bites him, killing him. Jacoby finishes off the marine with a claw, while Godot memory-implants the idea of a fire in another direction on a passer-by as a distraction. Suzanna shifts into a horse to carry the prince and the four heroes make a run for it, chased by British sailors. Despite interference from cart horses and street vendors, the heroes make their escape, and Mulligan arranges for the group, along with William and Washington, to escape New York.

Back in uniform again, Godot is promoted to Lieutenant, Francis to Sergeant, and the others to Corporal. Washington assigns them to Lieutenant General Horatio Gates, who is preparing a defense against a British advance from Quebec. Gates assigns the heroes to prepare an ambush for supply convoys in the area of Skenesborough, New York. While Godot works on the locals for assistance, Suzanna uses her affinity for nature to design the perfect ambush site, and the heroes wait for the convoy to arrive…

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