Legion of Liberty Session 11

With their ambush set, the Legion awaited the arrival of the British artillery train. When it arrived, the colonists were encouraged to see that the British forces were small, but puzzled by the presence of several civilians with the train, including two carrying swords – one of them a woman. The ambush began with Suzanna, shapeshifted into elephant form, charging into the wagons and knocking two of them into the river. The two sword-carrying civilians both fired bolts of magic towards the colonists, revealing themselves as hostile superhumans.

Francis charged the enemy man while Jacoby did the same for the enemy woman. Francis struck out with his fire axe but the attack was deflected… and then the man simply exploded, injuring Francis badly. The man reappeared in the same spot, his clothes tattered and his weapons missing. Meanwhile, Jacoby managed to grapple the woman, but her extreme strength soon broke her loose. After missing a shot at the woman, Godot leapt to Francis’s aid with his saber, and the two of them managed to avoid damage from a blast of lightning and another explosion from the male superhuman. The woman manifested a burning greatsword and managed to deal a wound to Jacoby with it, but then the man saw how badly the overall battle was going and that Suzanna had finished with the wagons and was now charging him, still in elephant form. After taking a hit from Suzanna’s tusks, he called for a retreat, and Godot taunted them as they left.

Without their artillery, the British were soundly defeated at the battle of Saratoga. However, General Gates had more work for the Legion. The Oneida tribe of the Iroquois Confederation, the only tribe currently allied with the colonists, was threatening to join its fellow tribes on the side of the British. Gates dispatched the Legion to negotiate and as a show of strength. When they arrived, the heroes were dismayed to find their nemesis Kahwihta negotiating for the British, although she left most of the talking to a British-sympathizing war chief. Despite this setback, Godot was able to convince the Oneida to maintain a more neutral stance and to allow Oneida warriors who chose to fight with the colonists to do so.

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