Legion of Liberty Session 12

With the Oneida issue settled, Washington dispatches the Legion to Ireland in the hope of fomenting discord in the British home islands. The Legion’s orders are to make contact with Henry Grattan, an Irish Parliamentarian in favor of home rule, and promise him superhuman assistance if he begins a rebellion against Great Britain.

The heroes take ship for Ireland on a smuggling sloop, and arrive in Cork without any incident more serious than Francis’s severe seasickness. In Cork, they take a post-chaise carriage to Dublin, accompanied by two Irish merchants, who spend the first part of the journey arguing the merits of British control of their homeland. Godot seizes the opportunity to foment some discord by calling the more pro-British merchant a “Cromwell sympathizer”, which prompts the merchant to take a swing at him. A small melee ensues, during which the merchant is restrained and memory-wiped and the seasick Francis vomits all over the pro-Irish merchant. The squabble leads to a delay in the trip as the coachmen clean out the coach and the merchant changes clothes.

During the delay, Godot engages in conversation with the merchant, and reveals some of his mission. The merchant is happy to draw a map of Dublin and show the location of the homes of prominent advocates of home rule, including Grattan. On arrival at Dublin, the group changes into more non-descript clothing and acquires a cart, with the goal of sneaking into Grattan’s house disguised as deliverymen.

As the group approaches the house, they spot Kahwihta and the two superhumans from the battle of Saratoga approaching them. The superhumans order them to halt as rebels, just as Jacoby spots another Kahwihta with a musket on a neighboring rooftop. At first, the heroes try to maintain a low profile, but with Kahwihta’s companions firing ice bolts and manifesting fire swords, they quickly opt for full-on super battle. Francis manifests his fire axe and engages the exploding man, while Jacoby moves in on Kahwihta and Godot fires on the other woman. Suzanna shifts into a cow form to hide, and then promptly charges and gores the woman, injuring her. Jacoby takes a hit from the ice bolts, but deals some significant damage with his claws… and then Suzanna shifts into a dragon. Jacoby and all three enemies are shocked by this sudden appearance, and all but the exploding man flee the scene. Suzanna picks up the exploding man in her claws – he detonates, but does not damage her, simply using the opportunity to run.

Grattan is very impressed by the Legion’s powers – unfortunately, the very public display of colonial sympathies robs him of some of his influence in Parliament, and over the next few weeks, he is unable to get a serious revolt underway.


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