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ETU with the Roll20 Gang – 10/3/18

Senior year continues for the Roll20 gang with a late night encounter! As the students return from a research session in their bookstore hideout, they hear a cry of alarm from across the quad. Following up, they find a younger female student under attack by two small demonic creatures. The group swings into action, with Ryo and CP deploying fisticuffs and Marco wielding his trusty baseball bat. Moments after the action begins, however, three more men arrive wearing ski masks and also wielding bats.

One of the demons scores a hit on the student who promptly collapses, so Mariana dashes in to drag her out of the way. Troy readies his slingshot in case the newcomers are hostile, but they promptly join the fight against the demons. One demon goes down, but the second turns intangible and escapes. Ryo manages to strike it cleanly with a cold iron dagger, however, disrupting its concentration and returning it to tangible form, and one of the masked men finishes it off.

After the fight, the trio introduce themselves as the “Sword of Adam”, and explain that they are dedicated to eradicating evil on campus. They tell the heroes that there is a dark ritual planned for the following night, and offer to meet up with them at 11:30 at the same spot to go deal with it. The group cautiously agrees. Mariana notices an interesting amulet that the leader of the Sword is wearing, and asks him about it; he explains he found it on a study-abroad program in Cairo at a souvenier seller.

The following day, the team digs into the Sword of Adam, but finds little information except for two interesting tidbits. First, a drug dealer was beaten the previous night and a note left with his stash that the attack was “the retribution of the Lord”. Second, Marco remembers some handwritten fliers around campus decrying sinners; the group finds a flier and sees that the list of sins includes singing, dancing, and talking publicly with members of the opposite sex. An inquiry at the campus security office finds that they have no information about the fliers, but are concerned.

Mariana’s internet research on the amulet reveals only a translation of the hieroglyphics printed on it – the word “Command”. With some misgivings, the team decides to meet up with the Sword of Adam as planned.

The vigilantes seem much more relaxed at the second meeting, even using first names to refer to each other. The leader, Dan, offers the seniors ski masks, but they decline. He then leads the way to the Psychology building, where the group discovers four female students conducting a ritual. CP determines that the ritual is a means of memorizing knowledge – i.e. a way to cheat on exams. The Sword, however, destroys the ritual components; then the vigilantes turn their bats on the women. CP protests, and Dan says, “I thought you were sinners, with a woman among you. Get them!” A melee ensues…


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