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ETU with the Roll20 Gang – 10/10/18

The fight began with Ryo diving in to attempt to save the witches from the attacking Sword of Adam thugs. Ryo succeeded in taking down two immediately, but most of the rest, including their leader, piled on and attempted to take him down. CP and Marco joined in, and managed to drop two more of the thugs, while the witches made a hasty retreat from the melee. Matt also engaged in the melee with his switchblades, while Troy fired his wrist rocket and Mariana threatened the goons with her Glock.

Given that the Sword of Adam thugs were armed only with baseball bats, the threat of the Glock was effective, and two of them ran immediately. The remaining two, including Dan, the leader, fought valiantly but went down to hard attacks from CP and Marco.

The Seniors tied up the remaining thugs and removed Dan’s Egyptian amulet. On closer inspection, Mariana found more hieroglyphics on the back of the amulet, reading “Hear Me!” CP, Matt, and Troy all examined the amulet; CP determined it was a talisman containing a ritual, Matt that the “Hear Me” phrase was an activation phrase, and Troy that the talisman was likely cursed. With the amulet removed, Dan appeared to have a complete change of heart, vowing to change majors from Engineering to Theology and preach peaceful dialogue between opposing views.

Shortly after midterms, a woman named Jenny Chapman contacted Mariana and asked to speak with her, saying that she had heard from Lisa Gray that Mariana and her friends could handle “hauntings”. CP and Troy remembered Chapman’s name from a list of members of the Neo-Birkhuhn, the Nazi Black Guard occult group that the heroes had tangled with previously. They opted to meet Chapman, but to approach her with caution. Chapman explained that when the heroes defeated the Birkhuhn back in their freshman year, they actually empowered the undead Franz Heimglimmer and gave him the power to return as a mummy. Horrified by this discovery, Chapman wants the heroes to help her destroy Heimglimmer before he ascends to immortality.

Eliminating the undead Nazi requires destruction of three caches of fetishes. The first is stored at the It’s A Lock self storage facility, and Chapman directs the heroes there while she attempts to determine the location of the other two…


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