Legion of Liberty Session 20

The rescue of Archimedes Laughton makes a new mission for the Legion more feasible. In Nova Scotia, despite similarities with New England on many levels, Revolutionary fever has not taken hold. Some attribute this to the pacifist evangelical preacher Henry Alline. Alline’s sermons have become wildly popular in Nova Scotia, tamping down any sparks of rebellion.

Now, however, Sam Adams’ agents have discovered that the real Henry Alline is a prisoner in the fort at Halifax, and that the Alline preaching peace is a British plant. Adams proposed that rescuing the real Alline would at least distract the British in the north, if not outright start a revolt in Nova Scotia. Washington agreed, and dispatched the heroes via Laughton’s gate ability and a smuggling brig to Halifax to effect the rescue.

A direct assault on the fort would be foolhardy, as it was heavily fortified and manned by 200 regulars and 500 militia. Godot had the idea of a distraction, however, and he and Jacoby used their persuasive and intimidating skillsets (respectively) to track down Jean-Marie Helene, an Acadian agitator and pro-colonial leader in the Halifax underworld. Convincing him that they were members of the Legion on a mission, they agreed that he would start a riot the following night.

The heroes ambushed two officers in town for a night of drinking, making quick work of them and acquiring a lieutenant’s uniform for Godot. Francis and Jacoby remained in the city to assist with the riot, while Godot and a mouse-form Suzanna headed for the fort. At the gate, Suzanna snuck ahead to acquire the password, allowing Godot access to the fort just as the rioting began. Godot located the commanding officer and informed him that colonial superhumans were raiding the port, which caused him to send many of his troops out of the fort. Mission accomplished, Godot exited the fort, leaving the actual rescue to Suzanna.

Suzanna entered Alline’s cell in mouse form, then shifted into a beaver and began to gnaw at the door. Unfortunately, Alline interpreted this as witchcraft and began to shout for help. Suzanna shifted back to mouse form, and the guard decided Alline was crazy. After the guard left, she shifted back to human and explained the situation, at least temporarily calming Alline, then snuck out, secured the keys from the guard, and shifted into gorilla form, carrying Alline over the fort wall. The heroes made a quick escape to their ship, leaving Alline with Helene to cause whatever trouble he could in Nova Scotia.

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