ETU with the Roll20 Gang – 11/14/18

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Having activated the golem at Jenny’s house, the seniors followed it to an affluent neighborhood and into the backyard, where it crashed into a pool house. Within were the zombie Heimglimmer, the last vase of soul fetishes, and four Neo-Birkhun performing the ritual that would make Heimglimmer all-powerful. The group quickly sprang into action with Mariana shooting the vase to shatter it and then setting it on fire with her new talisman Zippo lighter. The golem, Ryo, and Marco engaged the cultists in melee, while Troy, Matt and CP fired shotgun and wrist rocket at the zombie Nazi. Frighteningly, these had no effect.

Heimglimmer raised his hands, and the pool equipment and backyard tools lifted into a whirlwind, striking Troy and Matt. The golem proved surprisingly ineffective at bursting through the cultists’ defenses, but Mariana’s Zippo took two of them out quickly. As the fetishes burned, Heimglimmer’s skin began to flake and fall, and the heroes recognized he might be vulnerable. Marco moved up, and with a mighty blow of his trusty bat, crushed the zombie’s skull, freeing the trapped souls and eliminating the threat of Heimglimmer forever.

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