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ETU Actual Play with the Roll20 Gang – 12/12/18

Graduation is approaching for the ETU seniors, but their nearer-term concern is Walpurgis night, which this year falls near a full moon. As they prepare for possible chaos that evening, each receives a mysterious text asking them to meet on the nature trail west of campus… and then a follow-on text asking them to bring a Pizza Barn large supreme. Confused but game, the heroes decide to comply with the meetup.

On the trail, they see a mysterious figure who beckons them to follow. After a short hike, they find a Jeep, with none other than their friend from freshman year, Jackson Green. He invites them to ride with him and explains his disappearance. Jackson had determined that the students’ sponsor, GlenMac, was dating a woman who appeared to be immortal – a woman involved in the last Convergence in 1947. This woman, Helen, is now the head of the Sweet Heart Foundation, which is breeding super-chupacabras for some nefarious purpose associated with the Convergence. Jackson further believes the Convergence will open a portal to a hell-dimension.

After some persuasion, and after meeting Jackson’s chupacabra helper Paul, the group agrees to assist him in shutting down the production of the super-chupacabras. The breeding facility is in an old Titan missile silo that Paul has scouted for Jackson. To stop the breeding, Jackson plans to poison the water supply and also adjust the temperature controls of the incubators to prevent the chupacabra eggs from hatching. He needs the heroes’ help because two teams will have to accomplish these goals nearly simultaneously.

Entering the facility is straightforward until the main door, which is both locked and covered by a surveillance camera. Troy manages to pick the lock after Matt cuts the feed to the camera, and the groups proceed inside. CP, Mariana, and Ryo head for the water filtration system with the poison, while Troy, Matt, Marco, Jackson, and Paul search out a network connection. Troy manages to hack the system and download a massive collection of files while also adjusting the incubator temperatures. He also discovers a simulation showing ley lines converging on a point somewhere on the ETU campus.

Meanwhile, Ryo disables a maintenance tech and CP poisons the water supply. Just as both teams complete their mission, however, an alarm klaxon blares…


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