Legion of Liberty Session 22

In 1780, the war for independence in the northern colonies is all but won; however, Lord Cornwallis‘ armies have won several victories in the south, with the help of Loyalist colonial militias. General Washington orders the Legionnaires, along with a detachment of Virginia calvary, to rendezvous with North Carolina militia in the backcountry and try to slow Cornwallis’s advance.

Colonel William Campbell, the leader of the Virginia calvary, learns that a large force of Loyalist militia is encamped on King’s Mountain. He orders the heroes to attempt to convince the Loyalists that Cornwallis is sending them reinforcements, allowing the Patriot militia to attack by surprise. Learning that the Loyalists are exchanging messages with Cornwallis, the Legionnaires decide to ambush one of the messengers. Suzanna, in mountain lion form, makes quick work of two British regulars, allowing Godot and Jacoby to assume their identities. At the British camp, Godot convinces the colonel that reinforcements are nearby, while Jacoby distributes a stash of moonshine among the Loyalist troops. Mission accomplished, the three return to Campbell, who orders the attack.

The battle is devastating for both sides. Jacoby leads a charge into the heart of the Loyalist camp, wreaking havoc but also taking a wound in the process. Both sides lose nearly half their forces, but the Loyalists are broken and completely demoralized. Cornwallis’ offensive will be delayed at least for a time.

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