Legion of Liberty Session 23

As Cornwallis continues the advance into North Carolina, Brigadier General Daniel Morgan  has been raiding British supply lines with a large detachment of Washington’s Continental Army. To disrupt Morgan’s raids and protect the vulnerable supply of food and ammunition, Cornwallis dispatches headstrong Colonel Banastre Tarleton and his elite force of dragoons. Informed of Tarleton’s movements by loyalist defectors, Morgan invents a cunning trap.

Morgan asks Legionnaires Jacoby, Francis, and Godot to lure Tarleton’s forces towards the Pacolet River. Deviating from the initial plan, involving a chase on horseback, Francis throws mud at the British scouts and uses his super speed to lure to them to the river. The Scouts shoot at Francis and somehow manage to graze him with bullet. Surprised and shaken, Frances loses his super speed for a moment, but manages to recover and escape, leaving the Scouts to believe that they have successfully located the enemy camp.

Though the Scouts warn Tarleton that the enemy forces greatly outnumber his elite force of dragoons, the pompous, overconfident colonel attacks Morgan’s much larger detachment of militia, infantry, and cavalry. In the fight, Francis and Godot put energy sword and rifle to good use, but Jacoby slices into the British troops like lobster claws through hot butter and fatally injures Tarleton himself.

His elite dragoons decimated, Cornwallis is forced further north to the port of Yorktown, Virginia, where he fortifies his remaining troops and waits for reinforcements.

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