Presenting: The Happy MonsterCast!

If you were wondering what became of the Roll20 Gang after they finished their adventures at ETU, fear not! Happy Monster Press is proud to announce the launch of the Happy MonsterCast, which will feature the Roll20 Gang in their new adventures on RIFTS Earth. Podcasts will drop every other week on Wednesdays, and will include […]

Savage Malifaux Session 8: The Arcanists

For this session, we had technical difficulties with transcription, so just a brief summary: The Gautreaux Bokors lead the heroes through the Bayou to the Frostrun river, where they bargain with the local Tong clan (reputedly the best moonshiners in the Bayou) for rafts. They provide the heroes with rafts and leave. Just across the […]

Savage Malifaux Session 7: The Swamp Hag

Having made their way from Malifaux City to the Bayou by way of Edge Point, Bernard, Zai (shapeshifted into the Gremlin Zernadine), Anna Mae, Bal, and Providence have just defeated an attack by giant mosquitos, or “skeeters” as the Bayou Gremlin Bernard calls them. While the attack was frightening, the heroes dispatched the creatures with […]

Malifaux Learn to Play Day

With our Kickstarter complete, the Happy Monster team took a day off to teach some of our local gamers how to play Malifaux (third edition, to be precise, using the Open Beta rules). Ophelia LaCroix’s Kin delivered a narrow victory over Lady Justice’s Marshalls despite losing Ophelia herself in round 2.

Savage Malifaux Session 6: Into the Bayou

The heroes, Anna Mae, Balthazar, Bernard, Providence, and Zai, have spectacularly failed in their mission to retrieve the dangerous Plague grimoire from the Freikorps. Arriving at the fortress in the midst of an attack by giant rats, they slipped down into the basement to steal the grimoire. Bal located the book, but the rats made […]