Relics and Rayguns Session 8: The Ringworld

The crew of the Blind Jump has arrived in the Tlaina system, the only known wormhole exit node in their mysterious list of coordinates. The Tlainax are an ancient spacefaring species; they are very unusual among sentients in that they are both aquatic and herbivorous. Two million years ago, they reprocessed the materials of their […]

Savage Malifaux Session 8: The Arcanists

For this session, we had technical difficulties with transcription, so just a brief summary: The Gautreaux Bokors lead the heroes through the Bayou to the Frostrun river, where they bargain with the local Tong clan (reputedly the best moonshiners in the Bayou) for rafts. They provide the heroes with rafts and leave. Just across the […]

Savage Malifaux: Meet the Characters: Ole Man Balthazar

Player: ErikName: Ole Man BalthazarProfession: War veteran   ​A bit under six feet tall, heavily bearded, hunched with permanent pain, and haunted by experiences he would pay handsomely to forget (if he had any coin, which he doesn’t), Ole Man Balthazar (Bal to those he don’t feel like killin’ presently, thank you) is a grizzled veteran […]

Superfight Round 4: Nailed It

After Wednesday’s game, I think I’ve come around to the conclusion that the base No Power Points rule, with a couple of tweaks, will work for my supers setting. Part of the challenge was making sure the players knew all of their options, such as concentrating on a power for a round to reduce the […]