Savage Malifaux Session 10: Return to Malifaux City

The heroes have survived their encounter with Rasputina, Avatar of the Tyrant December, but not without a change; Providence is now a member of the December Cult. Rasputina informed them that a woman named Kirai is key to Plague’s effort to ascend to godhood, and directed the heroes to seek her out in Malifaux City. […]

Bayou Boar Hunt

Mah and the rest of the Tucket clan, along with MacTavish, are hunting Wild Boar. But in Malifaux, the pigs hunt back…

Happy MonsterCast Episode 3: Jon Gibbons on The After

​In this week’s Happy MonsterCast, Scott interviews Jon Gibbons, creator and artist of the upcoming Savage Worlds setting, The After. The After is a world devastated by two alien invasions, and is Kickstarting on May 22, 2019.

Savage Malifaux Session 9: The Cult of December

WARNING: In this session, the heroes get involved with a cannibal cult, and one of them joins in… After escaping from the Bayou, Bal, Bernard, Zai, Anna Mae and Providence made their way to Hollow Point Pumping Station to meet Victor Ramos, the man Zoraida told them would be able to fix Bal’s rifle. Ramos […]