Wiseguys of the Legion of Liberty!

Produced in collaboration with Just Insert Imagination as part of their Wiseguys Kickstarter, Bootleggers of 1792 is a stand alone crossover adventure between Legion of Liberty: Superheroes of 1776 and Wiseguys. Veteran superheroes of the Revolutionary War have banded together to smuggle whiskey and avoid Washington and Hamilton’s punitive taxes – but there’s someone on […]

Review: Ta-Da! by CMON Games

Sometimes at the end of your game night, you want a quick game to wrap things up and let everyone leave on a high note. Or, you might need a quick game you can play in 10-15 minutes to fill in between rounds of massive Eurogames or strategic battles. Ta-Da! from CMON is perfect for […]

The Legion of Liberty is on the March!

Legion of Liberty: Superheroes of 1776, the new setting book from Happy Monster Press, is now available on DriveThruRPG! Available in PDF and print-on-demand, this setting is fully compatible with Savage Worlds Adventure Edition and uses the core rules to bring eighteenth-century superheroes to life! In Legion of Liberty, you play a young superhero who […]

Review: Savage RIFTS SWADE Updates

The finalized versions of the new Savage Worlds Adventure Edition (SWADE)-compatible Savage RIFTS books just dropped, so I thought I’d give my impressions. The current Savage RIFTS campaign running on the Happy MonsterCast started with homebrew adaptations, but as soon as the playtest documents dropped, I started using those. Updates to Existing Material Of course, […]

Happy MonsterCast Episode 13: Zel

This week, the heroes of SavageRIFTS encounter a magical City Rat in a strange tower, and revisit the chromium blue starship that crashed in the Magic Zone.