Hurricane Dorian Charity Bundle

Happy Monster Press is participating in the Hurricane Dorian Charity RPG bundle! Get $200 of RPG goodness for only $25, and the proceeds go to the Red Cross relief efforts in the US and the Bahamas. Get it here!

Chase Decks and Sales!

It’s a busy week on DriveThruRPG for Happy Monster Press! First off, we’ve published two new products – Chase Decks for Rural and (pre-modern) Urban environments. One of the big changes in the new Savage Worlds Adventure Edition is a complete new set of Chase rules. In the new rules, players maneuver on a row or array […]

Children of the Apocalypse at Arisia 2019

At the Greatschool of Peterborough, three heroes-in-training study combat, magic, and psionics – the fierce but compassionate Tannain warrior Argelia “Flu” Fluharty, the wealthy and arrogant psionics practitioner Miss Virginia Hill, and the ethereally-floaty-yet-heavily-armored Champion of Iset Fran Stern. When fellow Greatschool student Brianna Kling approaches them, one of her (four) arms is in a […]

Jumpstarts are Here!

Those of you who backed the Kickstarter for Savage Worlds Adventure Edition received a bundle of Jumpstarts today. In that bundle you’ll find a Children of the Apocalypse Jumpstart that shows some of the changes we plan for Children of the Apocalypse Second Edition. In addition to updating Children of the Apocalypse for Adventure Edition, Second Edition […]

Savage Worlds – Adventure Edition and Happy Monster Press

The Kickstarter for the new edition of Savage Worlds, the Savage Worlds Adventure Edition (formerly known as Savage Worlds Black) funded in less than 5 minutes, and is approaching the $250K mark as of this blog post. As a licensed publisher (now called an “Ace”), I have the draft core book in my possession, but there […]

Children of the Apocalypse – Review and New Adventure

Recently, the Wild Die podcast reviewed the Children of the Apocalypse setting book. I thoroughly enjoyed the review (presented below), and thought that the Wild Die crew had some great ideas for adventures. The result is the new Pay-What-You-Want adventure Disks of Chaos, which follows the adventures of Sir Dave (“It’s pronounced dah-VEY”) Bearington as he attempts to secure these powerful artifacts […]

Christmas in July

Children of the Apocalypse is on sale in both physical and download formats over at DriveThruRPG as part of the Christmas in July sale! Check it out!