Relics and Rayguns Session 1

Six sentients receive a message from a mysterious sender – “You have won a trip to RARCon on Ocheebeh! RARCon is the premiere Relics and Rayguns convention in the Ocheebeh system, with an expected attendance of over 25,000! Eight real node prospector teams will be in attendance! Your wormhole courier ticket is enclosed!” Since wormhole […]

Legion of Liberty on Sale

Legion of Liberty: Superheroes of 1776, along with lots of other Savage Worlds goodies, is on sale on DriveThruRPG for their Thanksgiving Weekend sale! Not sure why they didn’t just call it a Black Friday sale like everyone else (especially when it’s right there in the URL), but still… discount stuff!

Happy MonsterCast Episode 17: SAMAS Fight!

ActualPlay: Tomorrow Legion SET A-12 encounters creatures from a rift fighting Coaltion SAMAS troops! Features Jung Soo, Brendan, Frank, Bob, and Frankie of the Roll20 Gang

The Wild Die Reviews Legion of Liberty!

The gents of The Wild Die Podcast released a review of Legion of Liberty: Superheroes of 1776 today! Lots of great feedback to incorporate in the upcoming Children of the Apocalypse 2nd Edition and Relics and Rayguns. Listen here!

Relics and Rayguns: Session Zero

This week, Happy Monster began playtesting on our new setting, Relics and Rayguns! This new setting combines science fiction with dungeon delving, all against a backdrop of social media gone galactic. In other words, Indiana Jones on Twitch in space! Here’s an excerpt from the draft setting book: Relics and Rayguns is set in a […]

New Product – Happy Monster Press Power Cards

Based on a backer suggestion from Legion of Liberty, we’ve created Power Cards in the same basic format as those created by Pinnacle Entertainment for Savage Worlds Adventure Edition! These printable cards will be updated whenever we create new powers, so you’ll always have the complete set of Happy Monster Powers!