Con Report: Arisia 2020

The Happy Monsters made their way to Arisia in Boston once again this year for a weekend full of Savage fun.

Packed and ready to go! Joy’s sketch board for figure drawing dominates the trunk.

Friday afternoon saw Joy’s first chance for figure drawing (Arisia had two panels specifically for artists to practice their craft) and Scott’s chance to hit the Dealer Room. At 7, Scott and Joy joined Adrian Gunn’s session of Ultima Forsan: Dead in Venice. Adrian is a regular at our Arisia tables as well as a practitioner of Historical European Martial Arts at Boston Armizare. For this game, Scott played a Red Odalisque, basically a female warrior a la Assassin’s Creed, and Joy played an alchemist nun with a flamethrower. The characters’ airship crashed in zombie-haunted Venice, and we had to fight our way out with the help of some untrustworthy allies.

On Saturday morning, while Joy was figure drawing and checking out the Artist Guest of Honor, Scott played in Robert Ursini’s game of Saga of the Goblin Horde, covering the first two adventures of the campaign. This session was hilarious, with Scott playing an amphibious goblin wizard whose “SIGNATURE MOVE!” was entangling large groups of humans in sticky slime. The goblins ended their adventure by tipping a waterfront tavern into the river and declaring it their new pirate ship.

Saturday evening was a playtest game of Relics and Rayguns. Featuring a full crew of six, the team acquired a wormhole jumpship through a mysterious benefactor and then explored an ancient space station filled with biomechanical monsters and strange artifacts. Players included both Adrian and Robert, GMs from the previous session, as well as Salem Savage Ben.

Ben, of the Salem Savages, with Scott
The remainder of the crew of the wormhole jumpship Silent Inquiry.

Sunday afternoon, it was time to fight the Battle of Salem in Legion of Liberty: Superheroes of 1776. A squad of six young superhumans freed Paul Revere to warn the Salem Militia of the march of Colonel Leslie and the 41st Foot. A chase through the streets of Boston ensued, and many a Redcoat fell to the superpowered youth. Escaping to Salem, the heroes then fought in the first battle of the American Revolution, defeating the notorious Jane “Mauler” Goode to break British morale and win the day.

Scott, Joy, and the Legionnaires

Arisia is our home convention, and we always have a great time there. Scott was particularly excited this year to see more Savage Worlds games. In past years, Happy Monster has been the only show in town for Savage Worlds, and we’re hoping to see even more Savages come out and run games next year.

Scott’s badge, showing the Heterodyne sigil and the badge of a JaegerMonster (Girl Genius)

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