BattleReport – Kill Team Asuryani vs. T’au (Part 1)

Last night, a skirmish began between the Asuryani Kill Team known as the Dagger of Ynnead and an unidentified T’au Kill Team. The Dagger were trying to capture a cache of supplies in an ancient Mechanicus ruin. Unfortunately, the T’au arrived first, but the Aeldari managed to approach unseen and engage. The Dagger’s Dire Avenger Exarch leader placed his Guardian Defender and Starcannon in a ruined bunker; his Storm Guardian Fusion Gunner and Ranger were on his right flank, and the remaining force (himself included) of three Dire Avengers and two Storm Guardians to the left. The T’au Fire Warrior leader had placed two Stealth Suits in cover on the right with a recon drone, gun drones in the center, and Pathfinders on the left.

Stealth Suits in Cover

The Dire Avengers advanced and engaged the gun drones, while the Ranger managed to snipe one drone that had flown above a fuel tank. One drone fell and another was damaged, but a Dire Avenger fell to ion fire from the Pathfinder as well. The T’au seized the advantage and maneuvered their stealth suits towards the fray – but the Guardian Defender saw and opening and blasted a stealth suit with the Starcannon, damaging it badly. The Storm Guardians charged the remaining drones, slaughtering one, but return fire from the Pathfinders dropped a Storm Guardian as it charged. The battle is in full rage, and victory is uncertain… (to be continued)


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