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ETU with the Roll20 Gang – 5/23/18

The Juniors burst through the door of the self-storage locker ready to liberate their trapped comrades, Ryo and Matt. CP and Mariana leveled their pistols and fired, taking the ritual leader down; with her dispatched, the remaining ritualists ran for the back door. Marco managed to chase one down and tackle him, and proceeded to interrogate him about the ritual, but his information was limited. Eventually, the team let the ritualist go with the promise that he would never set foot in the US again, a deal he was more than happy to accept for fear of repercussions from the Birkhun, the neo-Nazi Black Guard.

After releasing the ritualist, CP raised the spirit of the ritual leader and quizzed her about her intentions. Apparently, she was planning a power play to take the reins of the Black Guard by enslaving the souls of Ryo and Matt as a power source. She claimed that with her death, the Black Guard would be leaderless and powerless, an answer the team chose to accept for the time being. The heroes torched the body and took the ashes with them in case they needed to speak with her again.

Later in the semester, GlenMac contacted the group about helping him locate an artifact called the Lantern of the Deep. According to GlenMac, the Lantern was a cursed Irish artifact brought to the area by immigrants in the late 1860s. Its owner went mad and drowned himself in Greystone Lake. GlenMac suggests the students take SCUBA lessons, and after completing them, help him find the Lantern.

After completing training, the Juniors headed out to the Lake and met up with GlenMac, who provided a boat and SCUBA gear. Exploration of the Lake proved challenging, including a brief encounter between an alligator and Ryo that proved fatal… for the gator. Soon after, the group located the lantern, and, more terrifyingly, its protector – a mummified revenant who attacked with vicious claws…


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