Legion of Liberty Session 17

After the Battle of Newport, the Legion is ordered to Boston to await transport elsewhere in the war. On arrival, they find the city buzzing with the news of a conflict between French Admiral d’Estaing and their recent commanding officer, Major General Sullivan. Apparently Sullivan had made disparaging comments about the Admiral and the French forces in general after his defeat in Newport. However, the fires of this conflict have been fanned by a series of letters attributed to Sullivan, and now a duel seems imminent, threatening the French/Continental alliance, even though Sullivan denies writing the letters.

The team quickly determines the source of publication of the letters, a Boston newspaper called the Herald of Freedom. Visiting the office of the paper, they meet with Edward Freeman, who produces the letters but strangely cannot remember how he received them. Godot immediately suspects another mind-wiper is involved. Francis inspects the letters and challenges the signature as not quite matching Sullivan’s handwriting, but that alone would not serve to prove the letters are forged.

The letters arrived in a newly-crafted leather folio. Investigation of the tradesfolk of Boston leads the heroes to the leatherworker who made it, and he in turn directs them to the boarding rooms of one Josiah Waters. At the boarding house, Suzanna turns into a mouse and reconnoiters. Narrowly avoiding a housecat, she discovers that there are three men in the room with easy access to pistols and wearing knives, as well as a well-dressed man working at a desk.

With this intelligence, Godot knocks on the door and informs the well-dressed man that he found this folio and wanted to return it. The man smiles and reaches for the folio, and attempts a mind wipe on Godot. Godot yells a warning and the battle is on.

Quick action by Francis and Jacoby badly injures the superhuman, while Suzanna shifts to a raccoon and runs for the desk to find evidence. The thugs fire on the heroes but with minimal effect, and Godot’s confusion power throws them off balance. As they attempt to retreat, bringing their leader with them, Francis kills two easily and Jacoby finishes the last, at which point the superhuman surrenders and identifies himself as a member of the Order of the Seventh Circle. The heroes persuade him to confess his forgeries, supported by the draft papers that Suzanna retrieved (at some risk of attack from the cat) and the duel is averted.

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