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ETU Actual Play with the Roll20 Gang – 10/24/18

Having learned of the threat of undead Nazi Franz Heimglimmer from Jenny Chapman, the heroes set out for the It’s A Lock self-storage facility to destroy Heimglimmer’s first cache of soul-fetishes. At the site, they discover that a security guard is now patrolling at night for intruders. Marco sneaks into the site and sets a fire while the rest converge on the storage locker. Troy picks the lock and the group cautiously investigates. Inside, they find a vase full of small objects – the fetishes – and several SS uniforms. The heroes nab the fetishes and exit, rendez-vousing with Marco on the way, only to be confronted by two thugs, one with a gun and one with a lighter. Ryo makes short work of the thugs with his katana, killing both before they can react. The team retrieves the lighter and CP and Matt discover that it is a ritual talisman that functions like a flamethrower.

Jenny calls Mariana and informs her that Heimglimmer sent the thugs because the heroes tripped some sort of magic alarm. She has neutralized a cultist that Heimglimmer partnered her with to secure the second cache, which is located in a tomb in a local cemetery. She directs the team there while she attempts to determine the location of the third cache. The heroes arrive and Troy once again picks the lock on the tomb; when the heroes enter, however, they are trapped by a spell that sucks them down into the very stones! Only with help from Mariana and Marco, who avoided the trap, are they saved. The second cache retrieved, they head for Jenny Chapman’s home, where she is preparing a ritual to stop Heimglimmer.

Jenny, however, is dead – apparently her cultist partner broke free and murdered her. In the kitchen, the team finds a humanoid figure fashioned from clay with the Hebrew word “Justice” inscribed on its forehead. CP and Matt believe that placing the fetishes in this figure would power it, but to be sure, CP speaks with the spirit of Jenny, who confirms their theory. CP places the fetishes, and the golem rises to seek out the evil mummy…


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