Legion of Liberty Session 18

General Sullivan dispatches the Legionnaires south, to the main center of fighting in the Carolinas. Enroute, the heroes stop off in Philadelphia, and notice that the Continental Congress has sponsored a menagerie just outside the city as a means of boosting morale in the newly-liberated capital. The heroes decide their morale could use boosting, and head to visit the fair.

As they arrive, Jacoby makes a beeline for the turkey leg vendor and Francis for the ale wagon. Godot and Suzanna visit the various animals caged in wagons, with Suzanna expressing some concern that for the creatures’ welfare. As Godot observes a cage with a mother bear and two cubs, he notices that one of the cubs is growing larger visibly. Before he or any others can react, the cub grows to over 12 feet tall and bursts from its cage.

Visitors to the menagerie run screaming as the Legion springs into action. Francis activates his speed power and attempts to activate his deflection power, but fails repeatedly to do so; worse, he manages to run full tilt into a tree. Suzanna shapeshifts into a dragon, but has difficulty negotiating the rough terrain and takes a while to catch up. Jacoby is fairly effective at intimidating the bears with his lobster claws, distracting them and causing them to collide with terrain as well. Godot pursues and attempts both confusion and a rifle shot without success.

After a considerable chase, the heroes finally catch up with the enlarged bear cub. Jacoby manages to cause it a minor injury, breaking its concentration and shrinking it down to normal size. With the cub back to normal, he is able to grapple it, and Suzanna then picks both of them up in a claw. However, the bear wriggles free, falling to the earth and knocking itself out. The mother bear and cub collide with a fence and are also knocked out, allowing the heroes to capture the bears for later release in the wild. While they suspect the bear cub of being a shapeshifted human, it appears to be a rare superpowered animal instead. The Legion proceeds south, somewhat battered, and morale definitely not improved.

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