Legion of Liberty Session 19

General Washington has learned of a powerful superhuman enslaved man about to be sold at auction in British-occupied Charleston. He gives Godot, Francis and Jacoby 200 pounds in gold and orders them to purchase the slave, Archimedes Laughton. The trio, however, decides to rescue Archimedies instead. They purchase supplies for trade in Charleston and hire a smuggler ship to sail them into the city.
Having  made a tidy profit on their smuggled goods, the heroes hit the streets to find out about the upcoming slave auction. Godot discovers that the auction will be held in two days and that the slaves are held in the local jail. He disguises himself as a buyer from Georgia and bribes the team’s way into the jail to “check out the merchandise”.

Once inside, the Legionnaires find the slaves divided into three groups, men, women, and children. Godot approaches the men and asks if one of them is Archimedes, while Francis attempts to pick the lock on the women’s cell. One of the men answers Godot’s inquiry by saying “Who’s asking?” Godot identifies himself and his comrades as the Continental Army’s Legion of Liberty and offers to free Archimedes and take him to the rebel colonies, where he would be manumitted. Archimedes agrees, but only if they also rescue his wife and twin sons, still on the Laugton indigo plantation outside Charleston. Francis agrees, but wonders how they can bring the slaves out of the jail safely. Archimedes demonstrates a solution – he opens gates to allow the slaves out of their cells.

With guidance from Godot, Archimedes opens a gate into the hold of the heroes’ ship, allowing all the slaves to escape. He then opens a gate to the plantation and the Legionnaires head to rescue his family. Unfortunately, they immediately run into the plantation owner and his overseers, and a fight ensues. The overseers are quickly overwhelmed by Francis and Jacoby’s combined melee prowess, and Archimedes retrieves his family and gates everyone back to the ship.

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