Arisia 2019 – Packing the Bag of Holding for the New Savage Worlds Chase Rules!

The Happy Monsters are packing up the Bag of Holding for Arisia! Every year, we bring new ideas, cooler props, and more action-packed adventures for our players. This year, we’ve made character tokens and Chase cards for the new Savage Worlds Adventure Edition Chase rules. Will Philomon Smith successfully transform into the Plymouth Rock Boy and burst through that runaway peddler’s cart in Revolutionary War era Manhattan? Will Varinia the Yellow Reaper dragon explode through a flock of seagulls over Napoleonic Malta without getting one stuck in her teeth? Will Peter Burnes dodge bumper-to-bumper Tinker Mage traffic in post-apocalyptic Peterborough without getting turned into a robot newt? Join us at Arisia 2019 to find out!

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