Relics and Rayguns Session 5: SHARKS!

The six crew members of the Blind Jump have just encountered a swarm of crustaceans! However, the crab-like creatures reckoned without Shoob’s appetite for arthropods, and, with him eating every one in sight and the other players stomping away, the creatures are quickly dispatched. In the cooking area of the apparent Founder cafeteria the crew is exploring, they find a skull – perhaps that of a Founder!

Moving on, the heroes encounter other hazards of the underwater base. Binx barely manages to stop Hooey from stepping in an electrified pool of water. With some help from Binx, Hooey finds a power cutoff, allowing the crew to proceed. At the end of the flooded corridor, steps lead down into a larger flooded chamber. Peering into the room, Binx sees movement, and the team discusses the idea of electrifying the water. As they talk, however, two huge alien sharks burst from the water and attack.

“Oh, s**t, a shark!” yells Max, firing his needle rifle wildly and hitting Binx in the back, fortunately not injuring her. Binx unleashes a stream of feline obscenities. Shoob fires and hits one of the sharks, grazing it.

“I don’t suppose we can talk about this?” yells Hooey. The shark attempts to bite him and he fends it off with his Founder welding torch. The shark retaliates with a hard bite as Miaulong leaps over the shark into the water, but the distraction of the leaping dragon power armor allows Hooey to dodge just in time. The other shark chomps into Binx’s android legs, bringing her down. The first shark whirls and bites Miaulong with metallized teeth, but Miaulong ducks back and scorches it with her raygun. The shark bites again, its metal teeth crushing into Miaulong’s battle armor. Red lights and alarms go off in Miaulong’s display as water begins to pour into her suit.

The other shark bites at Hooey again, but he is once again able to dodge. Max leaps to the front with his cyberblades, yelling “It’s time to go mano a sharko!” and slashes shallow grooves in the creature’s hide. Hooey grabs the unconscious Binx and drags her back to Shoob, the team medic. Shoob checks to make sure Binx is stable then fires his needle pistol at the sharks but misses. Max continues to carve away with no effect, while Lefty fires his raygun and manages to knock one shark back. The other shark bites at Max but misses, while Miau, with a brief clear space, backs off and fires her raygun through the other shark’s mouth into its brain. Lefty sprays raygun fire at the other shark but mostly hits water. Max slashes at it, and it bites him back, but Max’s exosuit just manages to protect him. The heroes pour fire into the remaining shark until Lefty jumps in and fries it with the welding torch.

After taking a break to patch their wounds and repair Binx’s legs, the crew proceeds further into the base. Suddenly, doors slam shut in front and behind them and water begins to fill the corridor. Binks quickly locates the controls and stops the flood. Further in, the group encounters a large chamber with a ball of water floating in midair in the center. Biodrones circle the room, and, seeing the crew, attack…


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