Relics and Rayguns Session 11: The Founder Moon Part 2

The crew of the Blind Jump is exploring a subterranean installation on a large moon in an uncharted system. After crossing a chamber where gravity abruptly shifted direction and strength, the crew reaches a large chamber in the form of a spinning vortex. Random machinery grows out of the walls of the vortex, and the group’s reaction is a solid “Nope.” Miaulong has an idea, however; he figures he can use his ribbon climber to anchor the crew as they rappel down the walls of the vortex. This approach works, and the crew proceeds further into the installation.

The next hazard the crew encounters is a time slip – for unknown reasons, they lose five minutes of time. As they take stock of this new threat, they enter a room that projects loud noises, swirling colors, and flashing lights directly into their brains. Lefty is particularly affected and becomes nauseated by the sensory overload.

Continuing into the facility, the crew reaches a chamber filled with gentle musical tones. Most of the crew, with the exception of Binx, are entranced by the sounds, and Binx has to drag them out of the chamber with the increasingly-useful ribbon climber. Befuddled by the strange nature of this installation, they continue their explorations….

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