Relics and Rayguns Episode 27: The Octohedron

After resupplying on Tlaina, the Blind Jump crew jumps to a new set of coordinates. The star system they discover is largely empty; a star has inflated to a red giant and then collapsed, leaving the system mostly empty. However, an octohedral space station orbits near the wormhole exit node, with four docking ports spread around its surface. Each port is covered by a sort of glowing green energy field which seems to be permeable to matter but keeps the air in the station. The crew decides to spacewalk through the field and enters a large hangar bay filled with equipment. The apparatus appears designed to connect to vehicles in the bay.

Binx examines the equipment, but cannot determine its purpose. Whooey deploys his Founders knowledge and determines it is an anti-matter fueling station. Curious about the hangars, the crew examines all four hangars, which appear to be identical. Moving into the station, the crew begins to ascend, and encounters a strange, translucent glowing figure. The figure appears bipedal but is otherwise indistinct, and begins approaching the group. Max aims his autoneedler at the figure, which continues to approach. The rest of the crew follows suit, aiming at the figure. The figure extends a limb, and a bolt of energy flies at Whooey, splashing against his power armor.

Whooey moves in, and sees more of the ghostly figures approaching. “There’s another one coming!” yells Whooey. Shuhb pulls on his chameleon cloak and disappears, and Lefty fires his plasma bolter at a ghost, vaporizing it. Max fires his needle rifle, but the needles pass through the ghost without effect. Binx pulls her pulse raygun and fires, hitting the ghost dead center and dissipating it. Miaulong moves in, looking for more ghosts, just as more move in.

In front of Max, a ghost expands into a terrifying form, but Max is unfazed. Whooey pulls his welding torch and swings it at a ghost, vaporizing it. Another ghost grasps at Whooey, who dodges. Binx grazes the ghost with a pulse raygun shot and it recoils. Lefty fires his plasma bolter again and misses as Max moves in, pulling his plasma rifle. He fires and another ghost explodes into vaporous energy. Miaulong runs in, sees one last ghost, and fires his lightning gun, but misses. Max takes aim and waits for the last ghost to come into his sights, as does Lefty. Whooey moves in behind Miaulong and readies his torch, and Binx follows, raygun at the ready.

The ghost appears, the crew opens fire, and the ghost vanishes in a blast of energy. The crew continues their exploration and comes to a set of airseal doors. Inside is a huge chamber filled with a holographic city, with ghosts moving around the city as though going about their business. The ghosts are more distinct in this room, and don’t appear to be Founders or any other familiar species. The ghosts behave as though they are following a recorded or live feed, interacting, moving about, and basically living their lives as normal.

The crew examines the city with some difficulty – the cultural markings are unfamiliar and identifying the purpose of buildings or meaning of clothing is nearly impossible. Whooey and Max attempt to sneak to the nearest exit. They move over, and notice that one of the ghosts actively moves out of their way. They reach the other door and open it. Binx and Shuhb follow. Binx makes it to the doorway, but Shuhb trips and a ghost starts closing in.

The crew wonders if the ghost is coming over to help, but instead it claws at Shuhb as he stands up. Shuhb dodges, and the crew pull their energy weapons. Other ghosts begin to converge on Shuhb, and the ghost near him claws Shuhb again, and he reels off balance. Recovering, Shuhb lights up his Founder welding torch, swings it, and vaporizes the ghost. Whooey moves in with his own torch, vaporizing another. Binx fires her raygun, and another ghost explodes into light. Lefty fires a plasma bolt into a ghost and blasts it apart, then moves into the room. Miaulong fires at another ghost and destroys it with her lightning cannon.

With only one hostile ghost remaining, Max takes aim and waits for it to approach. Lefty moves to one side and does the same. The ghost moves in and Max fires his plasma rifle, finishing the last one off. Having cleared the room of hostiles, the crew continues their exploration of the octagon…

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