Paint Shop: Blood Rage Stag Clan

The Stag Clan is here! These were tricky, as the sort of butter yellow color of the faction doesn’t lend itself to a lot of clothing options, but I rolled it in where I could. Eyes are an ongoing struggle, but they look better at tabletop distance at least.

One Comment

  • As a person who kickstarted Blood Rage the first time over I am happy to support this. I get new scuplts so people can choose what monster they want. I get another clan for aesthetic purposes and its great having more female sculpts to play with. I like how I can upgrade my boards to cardboard and I like that I can get 3 more cool monsters. Maybe this should be seen as more a Pimp your Blood Rage and get a digital blood rage for free rather than Pay $60 just to get stuff you missed out on.


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