BattleReport – Kill Team Asuryani vs. T’au (Part 2)

After an initial round of fighting degenerated into a scrum on one flank of the battlefield, the two Kill Teams continued their fight for the hidden cache of supplies.

Active melee on the left side of the board.

The Asuryani Kill Team Dagger of Ynnead had now identified the enemy – the notorious T’au Kill Team Mont’ka Gambit. The Gambit moved quickly, keeping initiative for much of the battle. On the right, they maneuvered their drones clear of the melee to strike at the Storm Guardian fusion gunner who was making a run for the cache, and at the surviving Dire Avengers. At the same time, they shifted their Stealth Suits from the right to the left, clearing lines of fire to the Dire Avengers. Another Avenger fell quickly, and the last and their Exarch charged in to try to pin down the bulk of the T’au forces in melee. The Asuryani Ranger sniper managed to damage but not finish off one of the Gambit’s stealth suits, but the suits wiped out the Storm Guardian gunner in a blast of fusion and burst cannon fire. Unable to do serious damage in close combat, the Asuryani tried a desperate strategy, advancing their Heavy Weapons Platform with its Guardian Defender gunner forward to try to capture the cache. In motion, the starcannon was unable to fire, but it did manage to reach the cache before time ran out.

The strategy failed, however, because the Stealth Suits were able to destroy both the gunner and the starcannon. With no troops in position to capture the cache, the Dagger of Ynnead was forced to withdraw, leaving the field to Mont’ka Gambit.

The melee in full boil.

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