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Savage Temeraire – Dragon Combat

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Some of the most exciting scenes in the Temeraire books are the aerial combats between dragons, or even whole formations of dragons. The question is, how would we approach that using Savage Worlds? For a formation level battle, the mass combat rules are certainly an option, but for smaller battles, I think the first approach […]

Board Games

Review: Rising Sun from CMON

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Saturday was my first chance to break out Rising Sun, the Kickstarted game of diplomacy and battle from CMON. We played a five-player game using the standard five clans, Lotus, Koi, Bonsai, Turtle, and Dragonfly (me), but did include the Kickstarter exclusive monsters. Both the Kaiju and the Phoenix from the Kickstarter came into play. […]

Actual Play

ETU Roll20 Gang Actual Play – 1/31

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The gang found themselves in a brawl with dozens of zombies. Most of the crew started in one library of the mansion, while Matt was off by himself in another. Strangely, the zombies did not bother Matt, but simply rummaged through piles of books as though searching for something specific. Meanwhile, the rest of the […]