Bayou Battleground

I’ve just finished my terrain for the Bayou Battleground for Malifaux. Very happy with the rock formations and the Plasticraft walkways in particular.

Legion of Liberty Trailer

Check out the trailer for Legion of Liberty: Superheroes of 1776, coming to Kickstarter March 2019!

Legion of Liberty Session 23

As Cornwallis continues the advance into North Carolina, Brigadier General Daniel Morgan  has been raiding British supply lines with a large detachment of Washington’s Continental Army. To disrupt Morgan’s raids and protect the vulnerable supply of food and ammunition, Cornwallis dispatches headstrong Colonel Banastre Tarleton and his elite force of dragoons. Informed of Tarleton’s movements by loyalist defectors, Morgan invents a […]

Legion of Liberty Session 22

In 1780, the war for independence in the northern colonies is all but won; however, Lord Cornwallis‘ armies have won several victories in the south, with the help of Loyalist colonial militias. General Washington orders the Legionnaires, along with a detachment of Virginia calvary, to rendezvous with North Carolina militia in the backcountry and try to […]

ETU Actual Play with the Roll20 Gang – 12/12/18

ETU Logo

Graduation is approaching for the ETU seniors, but their nearer-term concern is Walpurgis night, which this year falls near a full moon. As they prepare for possible chaos that evening, each receives a mysterious text asking them to meet on the nature trail west of campus… and then a follow-on text asking them to bring […]

ETU Actual Play with the Roll20 Gang – 12/5/18

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On their return from winter break, the seniors find themselves shorthanded when slugger Marco heads out for a tour of Major League teams looking for a post-graduation slot. Trouble quickly follows in the form of a Monday morning commotion in the Biology building. Ryo finds his entomology professor, Dr. Carleton, dead on the floor of […]

Aethercon VII Interview

Check out my video interview with John Reiher of Tri Tac Games and get some insight into the upcoming Legion of Liberty setting!