Happy MonsterCast Episode 24: Slaughtertown

In this week’s Happy MonsterCast, the heroes of SET A1-2 find more than they bargained for in Slaughtertown. Featuring Bob, Frankie, Brendan, Frank, and Jung Soo of the Roll20 Gang.

Relics and Rayguns Session 7: Battle of the Biodrones

The crew of the Blind Jump continues their exploration of the undersea alien installation. An airlock chamber leads to a large room filled with catwalks over a large pool. Machinery in the room sends jets of water at random around the space, while worker biodrones manage control panels and adjust equipment. Seeing shark fins in […]

Board Game Review: Tang Garden

Tang Garden, from Thundergryph Games, is a 1-4 player game of garden design set in the Tang Dynasty of China. When I saw the game on Kickstarter, I immediately fell in love with the theme. I have players in my regular board game group who don’t really like head-to-head battle games, but enjoy more aesthetic […]

Relics and Rayguns Session 6: The Control Sphere

The crew of the Blind Jump continues their exploration of a series of mysterious wormhole exit coordinates. Now, in an underwater installation, they have reached a domed central chamber. At the top of the dome, a sphere of water floats suspended in mid-air. A single chair sits below the sphere on the floor. And a […]