Happy MonsterCast Episode 31: The Revere Gambit

In this week’s Legion of Liberty actual play, the heroes enact their plan to rescue Paul Revere, the Silver Speedster, from house arrest – with mixed success. Featuring Bob, Frankie, Brendan, Frank, and Jung Soo of the Foundry Gang.

Relics and Rayguns Episode 17: Escape from Bugworld

As the crew of the Blind Jump continue to explore the bug-infested Founder site, they reach a large chemical lab. Miaulong notices a vapor in the space “Seems like there’s some sort of vapors in there – but there’s also a Founder’s medkit”. It seems that some of the vent hood benches are broken and […]

Relics and Rayguns Episode 16: The Hive

The crew of the Blind Jump has survived a ferocious ambush by insectoid biodrones, and heads deeper underground into the Founder installation. They round a corner and find even more insectoids – these appearing bigger and tougher than the ones they just fought. Whooey draws his microwave raygun and fires at the bugs, driving two […]

Relics and Rayguns Episode 15: Ambush!

The crew of the Blind Jump continue their exploration of the bug-infested Founder installation, and are ambushed by insectoid warrior drones as they enter a large pumping station. Whooey fires up his welding torch and flails at a drone, narrowly missing Max and roasting a drone. Binx fires her raygun at a bug but misses. […]

Happy MonsterCast Episode 30: Assembling the Legion!

In this week’s Happy MonsterCast, the Foundry Gang take the roles of superhumans in 1776, led by the mysterious Elijah Allen and reporting to Sam Adams and the Sons of Liberty in Boston. Featuring Frank, Jung Soo, Bob, Frankie, and Brendan of the Foundry Gang.

Relics and Rayguns Episode 14: Bughunt!

The crew of the Blind Jump continues their exploration of the underground Founder complex that seems to be filled with bugs. Ahead of them, an airlock leads into a large space resembling a research lab. On one wall hangs a rack of Founder belt-devices. Max, Binx, and Whooey enter the lab through the airlock, intent […]