Relics and Rayguns Episode 15: Ambush!

The crew of the Blind Jump continue their exploration of the bug-infested Founder installation, and are ambushed by insectoid warrior drones as they enter a large pumping station. Whooey fires up his welding torch and flails at a drone, narrowly missing Max and roasting a drone. Binx fires her raygun at a bug but misses. Disregarding all defense, Max swings his cyberblades to either side, slaughtering a bug. Shuhb draws his needle pistols and fires, simultaneously swinging his welding torch, but failing to connect with anything. Lefty shoots a raygun and swings a welding torch, but the raygun locks on and drains its battery, and he fails to hit anything. Miaolong also fires and misses.

The bugs attack, stinging Max through his exosuit and poisoning him. Others try to sting Whooey, but cannot penetrate his armor. Two more try to sting Lefty, but his battle armor is up to the challenge, and another narrowly misses Binx, causing her to drop into a crouch. Three bugs sting Shuhb, but only manage to knock him back, and two more sting Miaulong but cannot get through his power armor. Lefty fires his rayguns but cannot manage to hit any of the bugs. Binx cowers as Shuhb fires his needle pistols and swings his welding torch, cooking one bug and winging another. Miaulong fires and misses again, while Whooey swings his torch and misses. Max engages in a furious duel with two of the bugs, but they break through his defenses and knock him out. Three more bugs sting Whooey, but his combat armor holds up, and another narrowly misses Binx.

Binx fires her raygun at the bug attacking her, but just misses. Miaulong roasts a bug with her torch, but Lefty misses with his. The bugs bite violently at Whooey, who yells “Oh, bite me!” as their jaws close in, but his power armor defeats them again. Another drone bites Binx, crushing her and injuring her badly, and another chomps on Lefty’s tentacle, but he hurls the creature off before it can do any damage.

Shuhb opens fire with his needlers and takes out two of the bugs. Miaulong roasts another bug with his torch. Binx shakes off her injuries and tries to hit the drones near her, but is too badly hurt to be effective. Shuhb shifts position and fires again, shredding two more bugs and winging another. Whooey yells, “Hey, Shuhb, thanks for debugging!” and swings his torch at a bug, crisping it. The bugs attack again, crushing one of his tentacles. Max carves a gouge in the side of one bug with his cyber blades. Lefty strikes back with his remaining tentacles, incinerating two more drones.

Whooey swings at the two drones near him, missing both. Binx fires her needle assault rifle at three of the bugs, hitting one and decapitating it. Miaulong misses a bug with his torch as it closes in and bites him, but cannot get through the armor. Shuhb fires his needlers again and takes out two more drones. Lefty takes down another with his own needler, leaving only three surviving bugs.

Shuhb moves in and fires his needlers again, killing one of the remaining bugs. The survivors attack Max and Whooey, but are shaken enough to fail. Max slashes futilely, but Miaulong blasts a bug with his lightning gun. Whooey swings and misses with his welding torch. Miaulong fires his lightning gun again and hits the last bug, scorching its wings. Whooey follows up with his torch but misses, as does Max with his cyber blades. Lefty fires his plasma bolter and the last bug goes down. Shuhb and Whooey move around the crew patching them up as the others survey the wreckage.

Whooey heads over to the control console to examine the Founder device resting there. Binx and Whooey determine that the device is a Founder stun weapon, and Whooey takes it for his own use. The crew examines the exits from the chamber and proceeds further into the installation…


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