Savage Temeraire: Longwings

The Longwings are, with the Regal Coppers, the central combat dragons in the British Aviator Corps. What makes them unique is their acid-spitting ability, a truly lethal combat skill that can cause major damage to ships, fortifications, and enemy dragons alike. Longwings are also noted for the quirk of only accepting female captains, with the […]

Kickstarter from the Inside – One Day to Go

The Kickstarter campaign for Children of the Apocalypse ends tomorrow evening, and it’s been a wild ride- interviews, backers jumping in, backers jumping out, and watching the % funded slowly creep up. Thursday I’ll be letting the backers know what happens next, whether the project funds or not. I think the thing that has been […]

Savage Temeraire: Yellow Reaper

The Yellow Reaper is a much more modest-sized dragon than the enormous Regal Copper, and is a staple dragon of Britain’s medium-weight forces. Yellow ReaperAgility d8, Smarts d6, Spirit d6, Strength d12+4, Vigor d10 Size: +7, Natural Armor +1, Flight 24, Climb 2, Toughness: 13/12 Aerial Acrobat: Receives a +2 on Chase rolls for aerial […]

Savage Temeraire: The Regal Copper

OK, so we have an idea of what it would mean to build a dragon PC – let’s look at some specific races, starting with the Regal Copper. Since dragon breeding fixes characteristics such as size and strength, dragon PCs would have set values for attributes, but would be able to select skills and dragon-specific […]


Here’s the video of my interview with Veiled Fury! We lost one side of the sound partway, but you can hear a lot about my approach to setting design and about Children of the Apocalypse.

Just for Fun: Savage Temeraire

Sometimes, you just have to get your Christmas present yourself. Naomi Novik’s Temeraire series was one of the settings on my Christmas wish list, so I thought I’d take a periodic stab at putting the setting together here. The Dragon in the Room To start with, we need to deal with the obvious question – who wants to […]

Flash Gordon Review Update: Cliffhanger Cards

I just downloaded the Cliffhanger cards for the Savage World of Flash Gordon, and they present some interesting possibilities for improvisational gameplay. I’m still thinking these might present a challenge for the GM, but looking them over in detail, I can certainly see some possibilities for how to implement them in various games, not just […]

No Power Points Rules – Bolt

The No Power Point Rules in Savage Worlds are pretty clear for the most part – your casting roll suffers a penalty equal to the cost of the power in power points divided by 2, rounded down. So a 3 point power has a -1 penalty, as an example. My question, which I’ve had to […]

Actual Play: ETU with the Roll20 Gang

ETU Logo

Sophomore year began for the students with Professor Glen MacLanahan (“GlenMac”) asking them to continue the work of the vanished Jackson Greene in investigating occult occurrences, starting with some rumored weirdness at the Engineering Building. On investigating the building that evening, the group immediately noted unusual levels of psychic or ghost activity – both Troy’s […]

Kickstarter from the Inside: Podcasting

The Children of the Apocalypse Kickstarter campaign continues, and to reach the goal we’re going to need a lot more backers. One way to (hopefully) attract those backers is publicity, which led me to the Crowdfunding Cast, a podcast specifically dedicated to discussing active Kickstarter campaigns. I’ve done lots of public speaking of various sorts; podcasting is a […]