ETU Actual Play with the Roll20 Gang – 5/30/18

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While the weird revenant got in one good strike at Ryu, the Juniors were able to overpower it. Ryu grabbed the Lantern of the Deep and immediately received a vision of two young people, Helen and Jason. Jason was trying to keep the Lantern from Helen, who was using powerful magic to retrieve it. Jason […]

Legion of Liberty Session 7

The heroes of the newly-dubbed “Legion of Liberty” reached Philadelphia without incident, and checked in with Sam Adams, who informed them that four delegations were not yet convinced of the need to declare independence: Pennsylvania, South Carolina, New York, and Delaware. Adams informed the team that he was aware that John Dickinson of Philadelphia was unwilling to […]

ETU with the Roll20 Gang – 5/23/18

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The Juniors burst through the door of the self-storage locker ready to liberate their trapped comrades, Ryo and Matt. CP and Mariana leveled their pistols and fired, taking the ritual leader down; with her dispatched, the remaining ritualists ran for the back door. Marco managed to chase one down and tackle him, and proceeded to […]

Legion of Liberty Session 6

After their successful naval operation, the Legion had some liberty in New York while Washington fortified the city against British attack. The team received their Continental Army coats, and finally decided on a sergeant, with Godot receiving a plurality of the votes. John decided to improve his personal fortune by transmuting a large block of […]

ETU Actual Play with the Roll20 Gang – 5/16/18

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The gang continued their fight with the evil professors, with Matt stabbing the one remaining professor and Ryo knocking out the leader. The team then spend considerable time debating their next move, including the possibility of taking the bodies with them, before finally deciding on framing the cult leader for the attacks. Their frame-up was […]

Legion of Liberty Session 5

November, 1775 – With the British routed from Boston on Evacuation Day, the Commander in Chief of the new Continental Army, General George Washington, arrived in Boston to take command of the forces there, with the intention of marching on and laying siege to New York City. Washington ordered the heroes to board the privateer Tyrannicide under Captain John […]